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Vortex optics strike eagle 1-6 x 24 AR-BDC Reticle Review

Vortex optics strike eagle 1-6 x 24 AR-BDC Reticle Review

The Vortex optics strike eagle: Durable and accurate

As an experienced hunter or range shooter accuracy and quality are key elements you expect from all your equipment. If you are in the market for a new scope you could be interest in a higher end scope to adapt to your abilities and you want to be sure that it will perform as expected. In this review we take a more in depth look at the Vortex optics strike eagle scope.

We go through its features take a look at its good side, but in the interest of fairness we also tackle a few of the negatives. This should give you a good overview of what to except from this scope and if it is suitable for your shooting needs and your budget.

The Vortex optics strike eagle features fully multi-coated optics which increases light transmission. It has multiple anti-reflective coatings on all to air-to-glass surfaces so you won’t need to worry about excessive glare. The scope comes with a second focal plane reticle.

It also has listed reticle sub-tensions so you can estimate range, holdover and wind drift with ease. The reticle is also glass etched to provide precise aiming in low light conditions.

It is a single piece 1 inch (30mm) tube to ensure maximum alignment and accuracy. It is suitable for ranges from point blank up to long distances.


  • The optics are completely multi-coated in order to increase light transmission
  • It has multiple anti-reflective coatings on all the exterior lenses and glass
  • It has a second focal plane reticle which also has a BDC (Bullet Drop Compensating) component
  • It has listed reticle sub tensions these functions help with the estimations of the range, holdover and wind. It is accurate at all the levels of magnification
  • It has a glass etched reticle that helps with clear aiming in low light conditions
  • It is a single piece 1 inch (30mm) tube that has the best possible alignment for accuracy and visual performance
  • It comes with a warranty
  • The magnification is 1-6 x 24
  • Weight: 8 ounces ( 226g)


  • It has a good thick solid body with good durability
  • The optics are good quality, clear and crisp
  • The dials are big and operate well
  • It works well at variable distances
  • It holds its zero very well


  • The brightness could be improved
  • The eye box is tight especially at high magnifications
  • The scope is relatively heavy
  • The reticle is busy and might take some time getting used to


This Vortex Strike Eagle is a well-built scope with a strong solid body. The optics are of a high quality and the view is clear and crisp.

This is a versatile scope and will suit hunters, law enforcement officers and range enthusiasts equally well. It is efficient at variable distances and holds its zero well. Target acquisition is also fast and accurate with this Vortex Strike Eagle.

This will be a good replacement if you are looking for a variable power scope as opposed to something like a red dot sight. The Vortex Strike Eagle holds up well to heavy use and will happily ride with you on patrol or on a hunt without any changes in its performance.

On the negative side the brightness is not as good as you would expect and can be improved upon. In sunny conditions the red reticle would not be as noticeable, but the etching works fine in most conditions.

The most problems with illumination are on bright days. The eye box is quite tight, especially when you start going up to the higher magnification settings. The reticle is busy and might take time getting used to if you like a more minimalistic reticle.


This is a more expensive scope than most of this size, but it very good quality for your hard earned cash. It is a solid, durable scope that will hold up to a lot of use and will keep its zero well.

It is suitable to variable distances and is a fast scope for quick target acquisition. It will not require finicky settings between each distance change as some cheaper scopes will.

It does have some issues with illumination on bright days, where a scope with higher quality glass will outperform it. Here you will need to weigh up, magnification, clarity and price when you make your decision.


This is a good solid scope which will handle knocks and bumps without problems. It has good optics and performs well at various distances.

This Vortex strike eagle will suit you well if you need a fast scope that is adaptable at various distances and can handle some abuse. It is a higher range scope and will be best for more experienced shots. It is easy to use but is a heavier scope with a more complex reticle and if you are a novice a cheaper entry level scope will be more suitable.

If you know what you want from a variable scope, and you shoot from point blank out to 500 yards, this scope is for you. The biggest problem is that you might run out of ammo because you are having too much fun looking through this scope.

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