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Rifle Scope vs. Shotgun Scope: Can They Be Interchanged

Rifle Scope vs. Shotgun Scope: Can They Be Interchanged

Sometimes when you are looking for cheap solutions when buying scopes, you may end up buying a rifle scope to use with a shotgun. But is there really a difference between these two?

This is a common question among those who use such products. We have decided to look broadly at this issues by doing a rifle scope vs. shotgun scope comparison.

There are a few scope users who will tell you that they interchange these scopes without any problems for years. While this may be a relief to those who do this, it does not always work well for everybody. It really depends on what you want to do.

The Main Difference Lies In Two Broad Areas

The main difference between the rifle scope and the shotgun scope lies mainly in two areas. One of these is the eye relief. The other difference lies in how the parallax is adjusted.

It is common that the parallax on the shotgun scope is adjusted up to 75 yards. Even with this having being said, you will discover that some are adjusted to just about 40 yards. When it comes to rifle scopes we are talking about adjustments of more than 100 yards.

Defining Parallax Adjustments

We have been going on about parallax adjustments but have not taken the time to explain what this is. Before we proceed with this discussion, let us attempt to define this concept.

When we talk about a parallax, we are referring to a situation where the focal plane of the object you are looking at is not in line with the reticle. This means that when you are looking at your image, there is an optical illusion. This illusion should be corrected.

It is important that this should not be confused with focus. When you adjust a parallax, you are not dealing with either the focus of the image or the reticle.

This is a way of just adjusting the plane at which the objects are so that they eventually end up sharing the same plane. Let’s hope you have a slight idea of what this is, as a full discussion of how you can adjust this is beyond the scope of this article.

The Difference Lies With Eye Relief

Another area of difference lies with eye relief. Rather, maybe we should discuss what eye relief is before we get into a discussion of this difference.

By eye relief, we are talking about the static distance measured from the lens’s eyepiece to the exit pupil. In order for the viewer to have enough eye relief, their pupil needs to be fixed right at the end of this distance.

For example, there would be a problem if scopes had been designed for people who do not wear glasses and the eye cups were not adjustable. This would mean that the glasses would make it impossible for such people to get to the right distance from the eyepiece.

Now that we have an idea of what eye relief is we can safely say that rifle scopes are designed to have an eye relief which is shorter than that of shotguns. This means that when you are using a rifle scope your eyes have to be closer to the scope’s eyepiece than would be the case if you were using a shotgun scope so that you can get the field view that is the same as when using the scope.

So if you are still asking if you can use the rifle scope on a shotgun, the answer is that this is possible. However, you will have to understand that placing a rifle scope on a shotgun will force you to put your eye much closer to the scope. This is not a comfortable situation to be in as it can potentially cut your eyebrows.

Use The Right Tool For The Right Job

If we take it upon ourselves to dispense advice, we will certainly agree with those who say that you should use the right tool for the right job. The people who make these products have the required expertise to ensure that they make a scope suitable for either the rifle or the shotgun.

You will have a more comfortable experience if you have a rifle scope for the rifle and a shotgun scope for the shotgun.

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