Rifle Scope Comparison and Advice

Rifle Scope Comparison: Separating The Good From The Bad

Rifle Scope Comparison: Separating The Good From The Bad

If you are in the market for a new riflescope you will help yourself by identifying the things you want to look out for when doing a comparison. There are several aspects you need to look out for in rifle scope comparison; some are important and others are minor.

Your task of comparing the rifle scopes will be much easier if you approach it after deciding very specifically what you want to use the rifle scope for. For example, a scope you will use on a rifle is different from one you would use when you have a shotgun.

Identify The Scopes

Obviously, the main thing you want to do first is to be able to identify different types of scopes. You know how things all look the same if you have no idea of what makes them different.

There are two main things you need to look out for when looking at rifle scopes; two or more numbers. The first of these two numbers denotes the magnification and the one that follows indicates the objective diameter usually given in millimeters.

Magnification is important depending on the rifle that you are planning to use. It is important to approach the comparison task with the knowledge of the rifle you will use.

Some rifles will need certain magnification levels. High-powered rifles have the capacity to shoot at bigger distances and would thus require magnifications that are much higher.

If you want to use your rifle scope for hunting, you would want to get a scope with magnifications that are adjustable. The reason behind this is that your targets will be at varying distances.

Use Eye Relief

If you are comparing rifle scopes you will have to consider the importance of eye relief. By eye relief, we are talking about the distance at which your eye can be placed from the ocular so that you can still see the whole image from the scope.

When you compare rifle scopes, look specifically at the rifle that you are planning to use and its recoil and select one based on the information you get from this.  If you are using a .22 rifle you can comfortably have a small eye relief.

As your rifle becomes more powered you need bigger eye relief. If you are dealing with specialty rifles or handguns you are going to need an eye relief that is very long.

Establish The Reticle

Another factor you should use when comparing rifle scopes is the reticle. By this, we are referring to the crosshairs that can be seen via the scope.

The reticles are designed in different styles including the rangefinder, fine cross hair, and mildot. You will be able to use both the rangefinder and the mildot to make estimates of distances.

When comparing rifle scopes, you will also need to understand that in some rifle scopes, some reticles are located in the first plane and others are located in the second.

The meaning of this is that it is not the reticle that change when the magnification changes; it is just the target that does. If you are resident in America, you will realize that almost every reticle you will find is in the second plane.

Just a little explanation on the planes. First plane scopes escalate the cross hair size at the same time as the target while the subtention does not alter.

The situation is different when it comes to the second plan where the magnification increases but the subtention stays the same so the reticle size is maintained at the same level.

Compare The Build Quality

While the other factors we have looked at above have to do with technical issues, one area you cannot overlook when comparing rifle scopes is the build and quality of the scope. Look at the lenses, as they are important in determining the kind of image that you will get.

The quality of your lens usually depends on who has made them, and so does the material from which the tube is made. If you look at the rifle scope and it looks like it was not made properly, it probably is not.

The variables we have looked at are not all the things you can use to compare rifle scopes. However, we believe that if you look at some of them when faced with different brands, the chance that you will come out with something that will work for you is much higher.


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